If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Over the past three years, I have been a patient of Dr. Vivian Lee. The care I received from Dr. Lee has been outstanding. While under her care, my progress has been closely monitored. I am extremely pleased with the results of Dr. Lee’s work, and would recommend her to others!”
— Brandon M., Pasadena


“I am so grateful that Dr. Lee was my orthodontist! I would actually look forward to coming to my appointments. When I first went to see Dr. Lee, my teeth were quite messed up and I had a big gap on one side. I used to get bad migraines because I did not have a solid bite. My teeth are now totally straight. My bite comes together well, and I no longer get migraines. I also smile a whole lot more, especially in pictures. And I do have a girlfriend now, and she totally digs my teeth and smile! Thank you for all that you did for me!”
— Jeffrey D., Los Angeles


“I enjoyed being Dr. Lee’s patient. She always lets me know what is going on during each appointment. She also values how my teeth will turn out since she puts great detail while working on me. Because of Dr. Lee I now have a perfect smile!”
— Mindy X., Monterey Park


“I had braces when I was in high school. However, I didn’t wear my retainers regularly after I finished the conventional braces treatment. Over time, my teeth started to move and became uneven. Uneven teeth become problematic because they are very difficult to floss and clean.

“Dr. Lee told me that I was a perfect candidate for Invisalign treatment. After eight months of her care, my teeth are back to the way I wanted. I am very pleased with the result and never hesitate to show my teeth with a great smile. She has done a great job on my teeth. I am very fortunate to have her as my orthodontist.”
— Henry C., San Marino


“Dr. Lee was wonderful and always treated me with the utmost care. I had such a great experience with my braces and I will continue to refer my family and friends to her!”
— Jenny Y., Los Angeles

Incognito Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics AAO EHASO: The Angle Society Invisalign 2015 Preferred Provider Invisalign Teen Provider PCSO

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